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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A few online favorites are back in stock!

One of the challenges of having an online store is balancing order quantities with demand.  We love everything in our online store, but sometimes we're surprised how quickly some items sell out.  Then we're surprised again how difficult it can be to get them back in stock from distributors.

We're happy to report that a few favorites we've been waiting for the online store came in to the warehouse yesterday!

The first time we had our happy place sign online, it sold out within a few hours.  It's finally back!

Our vintage flamingo artwork on canvas is back in stock!

We've waited months for our aqua pocket watch clocks to come back in.  They're finally here!

Another favorite is our wood beaded chandelier which has been on back order for two months.  We just got a few in stock yesterday!

Our big red barn compass is made from metal and 41" across.

Aside from these back in stock items, we have a ton of items online, so be sure to visit our online store, Shop Lucketts.

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