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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tips & Tricks for shopping the Lucketts Spring Market

Our Spring Market is fast-approaching!

Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for shopping the Lucketts Spring Market and for shopping outdoor markets in general.

See you this weekend!

FAQ's for the Lucketts Spring Market - May 18th & 19th

Where is the Market located?
Set your GPS to 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, Virginia and follow the signs!

Where do I park for the Lucketts Spring Market?  
You will be directed where to park by the Sheriff's office and by parking attendants.   The majority of parking will be in the open fields surrounding the Market.  Yes, if you have access to a 4-wheel drive, we would recommend bringing that, especially if it has rained the week before the Market.  We prep the fields as much as we can {letting the fields dry out if it's rained, strategically mowing, buying truckloads of gravel to put down in heavy traffic areas}.  But, we can't guarantee the weather, and a four wheel is much better in wet fields than a Smart Car. 

Is there an entrance fee for the Lucketts Spring Market?  What about kids?
Yes, $7 per person, per day.  Children under 12 are free.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Spring Market? 
Bring cash.  Some Lucketts Market vendors may take checks or credit cards, but that is the exception.  Also, here's a good tip ---- hit the ATM before you leave home. Local ATMs by this fair (and most fairs) run out of cash quickly. 

Can I bring a pet to the Lucketts Market?  
Sorry, we no longer allow pets at the Lucketts Spring Market.  Please leave your pets at home.

For the Lucketts Spring Market - are you open on Friday for a preview?  Do you open early on Saturday?
No, sorry for both.  The Market is Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th 10am - 5pm each day.  The vendors are setting up early on Saturday, and gates will open to the public at 10am.  

What do I do if I can't take my purchase with me or my car is too small?
Items purchased at the Lucketts Spring Market must be picked up by Sunday, May 19th at 5pm.  Items sold by fair vendors can't be left at the Lucketts Store past Sunday - we just don't have the capacity to store 170+ vendors-worth of purchases.

I'm coming in from out of town.  Where should I stay?  Where can I get something good to eat?  What else is in the area?
We put a separate post together (http://luckettstoreblog.blogspot.com/p/spring-market-details.html) with information if you're visiting us from out of town.  We will have food vendors at the market itself, so you don't need to leave the property to grab a bite to eat.

Other helpful tips for shopping outdoor markets

Before you leave home...
  1. Get cash out before you leave home.  Local ATMs at outdoor markets are often empty{or non-existent}.  Always carry cash.  Vendors at at fairs and markets are often small businesses with no access to credit card machines.  It's also always easier to bargain with cash. 
  2. Make a list and check it twice.  If you think you will get overwhelmed, make a list of items you're looking for before you leave home.  Write down measurements of your space so you'll know if a purchase will work in your home.
  3. Check the weather and dress appropriately.  Everyone appreciates cute outfits.  When shopping a Market like this, where some parking is in fields and there is a possibility of rain, pack extra footwear (boots) just in case.  Bring sunscreen and sunglasses or an umbrella.
  4. Keep extra packing materials in the car.  If you think you may purchase furniture and don't want your car to get scratched, you may want to bring extra supplies --- blankets / tarp for inside your car, cable ties or furniture ties.  You can't always assume that every market will have free supplies (rope) for tying down furniture.  
  5. Pack a small bag of necessities.  
    • Tape measure (especially if you're buying furniture)
    • Water (in case you get thristy)
    • Cell phone (helpful for finding friends & for taking pics of what you bought so the person packing your car can find the item again) 
  6. Bring the right car.  The bigger the car, the more goodies you can buy and take home!  You will need to take your purchases with you by the close of the last day of the Market.  If you or a friend has a 4-wheel drive, that's always helpful, as some fair parking is in fields.

Before you get in...
  1. Please follow the direction of all policemen, parking staff & market staff.
  2. Have cash out at the entrance gate.  It helps move things along so much more smoothly and helps everyone get in quickly to shop.
  3. Arrive early if you want more to choose from, but you'll also have to beat the crowds.  Arrive later for better deals, and a more leisurely shopping experience.

Shopping the Market...
  1. Crowds - Start at the back of the Market and work forward; do the opposite of what the crowd is doing for a better shopping experience.
  2. Negotiating - always ask if you can get a better price, especially if you buy more than one item from the same dealer.
  3. Scanning - If you get easily overwhelmed with too much to see, scan the area.  Look for colors or a style that appeals to you and edit out everything else. 
  4. Pick-Up - Not all outdoor markets have people to help you with your purchases (the Lucketts Spring Market does hire moving staff for the weekend to help customers).  Be sure you can accurately describe the item and the booth it's in to help the mover get the right item (a picture on a phone is VERY helpful).


  1. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

  2. Thanks for the ATM tip. Speaking of tips . . . what is the appropriate tip if one of your guys helps me load something. I never know.

    1. It's really up to you and what you're comfortable with. If it's something small, I'd say a few dollars. If you have several items, if your items are super-awkward or heavy, the guys are doing a lot of rearranging to make things fit, or they're spending a lot of time helping you, I would say $10 and up per guy. But it's really up to you and what you're comfortable with.

  3. juNxtaposition & bel monili both take credit cards....so problems there gilrs.... we dont barter, however we offer multiples discounts so the more you buy the better deal you get !! cant wait to meet you all !!

  4. Hi Lucketts! I was working on a similar blog post so included links to your posts on mine. In case you want to list mine, since all of the vendors and customers follow you I'm sure, the link is

    Can't wait to get there on Sunday! Hugs, Leena

  5. From New England to Lucketts! Filling my truck and my trailer! AWESOM...EEE STUFF!!
    Transformations By Jacqueline on your way!!!!!
    I'm so honored to participate in this Show again!
    See you at Lucketts Spring Market.........

  6. Set up today - lucky for me I live CLOSE!!

    Looking forward to a great weekend.

    Elizabeth ~ Bittersweet Design Studio ~ Field of Gold

    ps - I will be taking Credit Cards!! :)

  7. Mr. P's Emporium takes credit cards too. Stop by and see us in the Field of Gold!

  8. Sorry if this seems like a silly question ... but will there be restrooms or port-a-potties on site?

    1. Yes, there are port a potties on site and hand sanitizer stations.

  9. Will you have handicap-accessible parking again this year? If so, how do we find it?

    1. Yes, please let the parking attendants know you need a handicap-accessible space and they'll park you by the entrance gate.


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