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Friday, February 24, 2012

Store to Abode Fridays #3 - pulleys

For our "Store to Abode Fridays" post, we try to find something we typically sell in the store and then show you how you can use that item to decorate your home.

This week, we're featuring pulleys!

I found a very pretty wood and metal version around the store last week and totally underestimated the weight of it when I went to pick it up! 

Come and see a few ideas on how to incorporate these beauties in a decorated room...

So, here is our inspiration item from The Old Lucketts Store...

...and here are a few ways you can use pulley system components in your home decor.  Enjoy!

{1}  What a fantastic idea!  An old pulley, some canning jars, and a few chandelier crystals were made in to an upcycled chandelier.  Small votive candles are used in the jars as lights.


{2}  Two antique barn pulleys keep these vintage books in place as bookends.


{3}  This metal pulley wheel was mounted on a metal base and topped with glass.  A very striking repurposed industrial side table {interesting area rug too}.


{4} Another light fixture that uses a pulley, but this time with a bare bulb.  This would look great with one of our Edison bulbs.  I saw this one on etsy {sorry it was already sold} - but what a very raw industrial look.  I've also seen a lot of antique pulleys used to hang existing light fixtures as well {instead of being the actual light fixture like the one shown here}.


{5} Leave it alone.  Pulleys and components can be used as accessories on a mantle, table, or bookshelf.  Sometimes when objects are this pretty and interesting, they're better left alone to be admired. 


Thanks for joining us for Store to Abode Friday.  Can't wait to find something around the store to show you next week!


Have a lovely weekend!

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