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Friday, February 17, 2012

Store to Abode Fridays #2 - demijohns

For our "Store to Abode Fridays" post, we try to find something we typically sell in the store and then show you how you can use that item to decorate your home.

This week, we're featuring demijohns.

Here is a vibrant green demijohn sitting outside in one of our wire baskets.  Come and see how these look in a decorated room...

So again, here is our inspiration item from The Old Lucketts Store...

...and here are a few ways you can use these beauties in your home decor.  Enjoy!

{1}  Catching the light in a bright window really shows off variations in shape, size and color very nicely.  If you like the look of demijohns, you may also want to look / ask around for carboys, which have straighter sides.


{2}  Add an inexpensive wiring kit {or ask for a cork bottle adapter kit} and make yourself a one of a kind lamp!


{3}  Yes, a demijohn ceiling.  This look is for serious collectors or those who eat with a helmet on.  Imagine if one of these fell - yikes!  This look is very similar to vignettes we saw last year in North Carolina.  We've actually seen demijohns wired in to light fixtures hung from the ceiling too.  Beautiful if you have the space and ceiling height to pull it off.


{4}  A very coastal look in this photo with the demijohns and a glass float in the center of a dining table.


{5}  Two medium sized demijohns add some height to this coffee table arrangement.  I wonder if the side table with the large demijohn is made from overturned wash bins?  How creative!


{6}  Had to throw this one in because it ties this week and last week together nicely.  Here is a light fixture {like I mentioned above in #3} and check out the antlers that we talked about last Friday.


Thanks for joining us for Store to Abode Friday.  Can't wait to find something around the store to show you next week!


Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love the look of these bottles, I had no idea what they were called..you learn something new every day! (love the lamp idea especially..)

  2. as light peices and pendant these things are amazing, thanks for sharing!!


  3. You're welcome Bethany. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. In the #5 picture you speculated about the side table. It appears to be a rain drum which is an Asian influence, I think. I have one from Thailand, which is what fuels my speculation :) Love your blog.

  5. Stephanie - Thanks so much for the insights! I googled "Asian rain drum" and that's exactly what it looks like. Thank you! Very, very interesting look - love it!

  6. Just an FYI: I brought several of these wonderful finds from Italy where we were stationed for 4 years. The demi that is in the top, while old, is from a form, you can tell by its top and if it has a seam. Older demis that are handblown have no seam and a rough uneven top, as if its been lopped off with a knife (b/c it has!). The green is no longer being made due to costs apparently. There are light green, light blue, dark blue (VERY rare), and even amber ones out there.

    1. Kathryn, thanks so much for the information. Always great to know more detail about colors and how to date demijohns.


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