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Friday, February 10, 2012

Store to Abode Fridays #1 - antler decor

Here's a brand new feature we like to call "Store to Abode Fridays."  Each Friday, we're going to find something we typically sell in the store and then show you how you can use that item to decorate your home.

This week, we're featuring one of our favs - antlers!

Here is a pair sitting on a table at the store two weeks ago, come and see how these look in a decorated room...

So again, here is our inspiration item from The Old Lucketts Store...

...and here are a few ways you can use antlers in your home decor.  Enjoy!

{1}  A nice clean entryway grouping with plates and art.

{2}  Since ancient times, craftspeople have made decorative items from antlers.  You'll see chandeliers and even lamps like these {with fabulous wood veneer shades} made from antlers.

Source: houzz.com via Lucketts on Pinterest

{3}  If you happen to need an accessory for your already gorgeous barn...

{4}  These cruelty-free caribou sheds add so much shape and texture to a neutral bedroom wall.

{5}  The Museum of Natural History look.  Lots of great form, shape and variety.

Thanks for joining us for our first Store to Abode Friday.  Can't wait to find something for next week around the store to show you!


 We've pinned these antler images to our Pinterest account.  Check out our pins for more ideas and inspiration and be sure to follow us if you haven't already - we'd love to break 1,000 followers this week!

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