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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seven use what you have on hand wrapping ideas

Here are some holiday gift wrapping ideas that can be made from things around the house or items you normally wouldn't think about using.  Some are so beautiful and functional, it's like getting two gifts in one!  Leave us a comment when you're done browsing and let us know your favorites.

1.  The Elegant & Earthy Monochromatic Wrap
The handmade burlap bows adds so much dimension to this natural wrapping, made from vintage lace, jute, and recycled kraft paper. 

2.  Everything But the Kitchen Sink Wrap
You can use vintage flatware to adorn gifts.  I think this is printed wrapping paper, but what about using a lovely vintage textile to wrap a small gift.  Your wrapping then becomes a gift itself!

3.  The Lace Snowflake Wrap
Vintage lace and doilies look like intricate snowflakes against this simple kraft paper wrapping.  The vintage button and ribbon are a beautiful added touch.  Paper doilies would probably work just as well.

4.  The Really Had Nothing On Hand Wrapping
The nicest wrapping job I've even seen done with just newspaper and ribbon scraps.  Kinda makes you forget it's just newspaper!

5.  The Sprig of Greens Wrap
Clip a sprig of green from your tree and tie it with twine on to your box.  Very pretty!

6.  The Ornament Giveaway
Add an ornament to your package trim.  It can be brand new and specifically chosen for this person,  or it can be an ornament that no longer matches your decor but looks pretty with a big ribbon bow.

7.  The Anti-Wrap
Instead of using a box and covering everything up, this person put a gift {pecan bourbon cookies} inside her gift {a set of bowls found in Chinatown}.

Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite last minute wrapping idea.

Happy wrapping!


  1. Love these ideas. Mine is brown paper packages tied up wih string, with vintage stamps pasted all over!!!!!

  2. I'd like to learn how to make the burlap bow in #1

  3. All are lovely, but the newspaper flower and burlap bow are fantastic!


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