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Monday, December 19, 2011

Displaying vintage ornaments


Aside from decorating an entire Christmas tree with vintage ornaments, there are several other ways you can display your pretties.

Maybe you don't have enough ornaments to fill and entire tree.  Maybe your vintage ornaments don't really mix well with your pipe cleaner and candy cane reindeer ornaments.

If you don't have enough ornaments to fill a beautiful tree like the one at the left, scroll down to see some pretty pictures and clever ideas for displaying your vintage ornament collection.

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Vintage ornaments can  be really beautiful when displayed in a decorative bowl.  This glass bowl allows all of the color and textures to peek out.  Pretty!

If you only have a few ornaments, you can group them by color and make small vignettes like the one shown here in pink.

Making a vintage ornament wreath one day is on a lot of bucket lists.  Warning, if you're going to attempt this, you'll need A LOT of ornaments in A LOT of different sizes.  We love these at the shop and will make them from time to time, but it can get very time consuming and pricey.  You may want to mix vintage with newer ornaments to save money.  Either way, the result is well worth it!

Another good idea if you just have a few special ornaments.  You can display each on a candlestick and show off both collections.

 If you have an antique drying rack, why not bring it out for the holidays to display your vintage ornament collection?  You could probably easily make a similar rack with some dowels and scrap wood.

 I personally like the minimalist approach.  Just open up the box and display all of the beauties in their original box on a side table. That way you can pick them up, inspect them, admire their colors, shapes, and variety.

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