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Friday, July 19, 2013

Welded creations

Meet Dale.

Well, maybe this isn't Dale, but these are some of his creations.

Dale is a new artist at the shop who is really passionate about welding together found objects and making them in to something new.

Dale literally sees beauty in everything he finds, from an old rusty fence piece to a car part.

Dale is a true artist with quite an imagination.  Best of all, his prices are QUITE reasonable for a piece of original art.  Small sculptures average around $85 to $95, larger sculptures are around $165 and up.  Original metal furniture pieces in Dale's pavilion right now are in the $100-$300 range.

Here is a bird sculpture made from old garden tools.

All this side table needs is a glass top and it's perfect for an industrial space or what about movie / family room?

Dale makes the cutest sculptures out of silverware.  Love this rockin' fork man!

 And a cute drummer...

And here is the guitar player.

A horse shoe, chains and a metal scoop make this awesome metal mask.

Here is an old windmill frame that would make a great plant stand or could be wired for a lamp.

Please stop by Dale's pavilion outside The Old Lucketts Store.  He is in the blue / aqua pavilion, with the dealer code DAL.  Welcome to the shop Dale!

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