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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oooohhhh Atlanta!

January and July…January and July.

January is the month we purchase next years Christmas items…(see blog post about the Christmas buying), and July is back to Atlanta to find all of our art, accessories, and gift items, to carry us through the fall at the Design House.

It's always fun and exciting to see what new colors are trending and whats new in the marketplace. 
The best news is Amy and I have a blast shopping and couldn't compliment each other more in our purchasing styles… Amy is a little more decoratory..high design, (oh and anything that has a horse on it….hence our great horse art collection) and me, I’m a bit more funky, and yet oddly practical.

Mix that all together, and you have the Design House.

Amazingly enough, we really do just run around and buy everything we love, and it always seems to fall together as if we had some sort of a master plan.

So off we go…. We’ll send back pics of our favorites so you can see what awesome new stuff is coming in!

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