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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A step above

A few weeks ago, we had a delivery of ladders. 

We all started scratching our heads wondering how Suzanne & Amy would incorporate them in to their spaces.

Here are a few ways we used ladders in last month's Design House and a few other inspiring images from other talented designers.

Here are the ladders against one of the barns.   These look like old orchard ladders.  What's great about the size is they can be used as is or cut down for various projects.

This room wasn't finished when I took this, but the ladder in the corner is used to add height to the corner.   Some of our woven throws were also hung on it during the Design House.  (The ladder in the foreground was to hang the light fixture.)

Yes, there is a ladder in the corner of this room too (next to the lamp).  It went really well with our nautical theme and other natural wood textures.

Suzanne and Amy added hooks to this ladder as a fun display piece.  Think about using your ladders horizontally as well in your space to add interest.

Here are a few other looks we like...

We love French Larkspur's ladder that holds antique feed sacks and textiles in this living area.

What a nice painted ladder from Funky Junk Interiors holding towels in the bathroom.

This wooden ladder bookcase is available from Cox & Cox, but you could create something similar with some small pieces of wood to build out the shelves.

This is a neat display idea for large step ladders from Marie Claire Idees Magazine.  Two ladders could be joined at the top with shelving boards across the steps to create shelves.

Do you use ladders in your home as decorative objects?
How do you use them?


  1. What great ideas! I especially love the ladder used horizontally as a towel rack.

  2. I have a ladder hanging over the island in my kitchen. It has a bunch of junky old kitchen utensils hanging from it and batter operated lights. I'm looking to change it up a bit soon - but not inspired yet about how!

  3. Great way to also display decor magazines, just open them up and drape them over the rungs!

  4. Love ladders! I had one hanging sideways over the bed holding Santas from my husband's collection (kind of a headboard). It made a great little double shelf. I used to have one hanging from the ceiling in my studio (four chains, two on each end) that I lined with cardboard across the rungs and sat my folk art dolls on. One in the living room against the wall to hang quilts on. So many things you can do with them!

  5. Love love love old ladders!!! Depending how long they are I'll cut them up into 3 or 4 rung sections. I attach picture frames to the rungs. Great way to display pictures.


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