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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pin It Wednesday #23 - Holiday Mantels & three new products

For Pin It Wednesdays, we like to share some pins that have made it on to our Pinterest board over the last week.

This week we're focusing on simple DIY fall and holiday mantels.

Oh, and I have a sneak peek of three new products that just landed in our online store, Shop Lucketts, at the end of the post.

First off, how about this gorgeous holiday mantle at The Design House.  This mantel inspired this post. 

Photo courtesy of Karen Watson.

Now on to a few of our recent pins!

(1)  A nice and simple DIY mantel.  Love the use of old frames and scale!

(2)  As similar to the other example, old window panes are great for adding height to this vignette.  Those are old book pages on the wall, and the trays look wonderful in a grouping.

(3)  A bright and cheerful red and green holiday mantel.  Don't underestimate the power of a bowl full of brightly colored ornaments!  The wreaths are actually made from carnations too!

Source: bhg.com via Lucketts on Pinterest

(4)  Try a different color scheme this year.  A collection of ornaments on this mantel adds tons of color and texture to this casual, yet effective, mantel display.

(5)  I saved my favorite for last.  Holiday greens, herbs, and clippings in a variety of white containers, are very striking in this natural mantel display.

Leave us a comment and let us know your favorites!


Also, we have a few new items online at Shop Lucketts this week.  Say hello to our new sap buckets {they'd be perfect as a gift with some holiday greenery and a bow} and our distressed Marrakech trays {what gorgeous designs!}

Distressed Paris Sap Bucket   {Click here for details}

Marrakech Tray - Dark   {Click here for details}

Marrakech Tray - Light   {Click here for details}

Thanks for joining us for Pin It Wednesdays at The Old Lucketts Store blog!

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  1. What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective…such artists have to pour so much heart into something so ephemeral.



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