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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

56 drawer cabinet before and after

Customers just love large industrial-looking pieces.  Here is a beauty we just put out on the front porch....drool! 

This lovely cabinet looks like it was used in a library or large office at one time. 

I just realized I had a picture I can share when it was literally right off the truck.

 Here is the pretty cabinet now.  I know what I'd fill it with, what would you fill all those drawers with?

Here the same piece right off the truck.  This cabinet was bought many hours north of us and trucked down two weeks ago.  Not too many repairs or major reconstruction needed here, but of course there were some repairs and refinishing that had to be done before it could be put out for sale.

Sometimes we're asked about the costs involved in buying a piece and in restoring it.  They always vary (widely), because items come in all states of repair (and disrepair), and sometimes you don't know the project you've gotten yourself in to until you're halfway in. 

When you buy things around the country like several of our vendors do, here are a few of the typical expenses involved in finding and getting an item ready for sale:
  • time locating item
  • time spent bidding on an item (if you do auctions, you could sit for hours and only get one or two things)
  • travel costs & lodging
  • packing, shipping & trucking fees for large items
  • unloading fees for large items
  • time & materials for cleaning, repair, refinish, & repainting
  • paying to move large items in to the shop / time arranging them for sale
Once the item is in the shop, there are also space rental fees and typically some percentage of sales you pay.  (These fees help pay everything from building expenses & utilities, credit card transaction fees, employees, and even things like the costs of bags & tissue paper).

Enough with the boring stuff, here is our new favorite 56 drawer cabinet again!


  1. Annie the Queen BeeTuesday, November 13, 2012

    I second that! Absolutely amazing!

  2. Now...this is one HUGE piece of furniture...and to top it off...it has a ton of charm.


  3. Gorgeous, what a beautiful piece of furniture! If I had the space and finances, I'd give it a new home. Actually, it is such an amazing piece, I would make it fit!

  4. Love this. If I had ever gotten my beach house I would have put it there :-)

  5. What a magnificent piece! What wouldI store in all those drawers? Art paper, paints, glitter, ephemera, glues, cabinet knobs, screws and other hardware, tags, tape, staplers, small tools, ornaments waiting to be dressed up, the list is endless! Just about every small supply in my studio would go in here and I'd have to lable all the drawers so I'd remember what was where! It would be fantastic! Always something fabulous at Lucketts! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  6. love this thing...I would have it filled pretty fast, I love stationary items and paper and art supplies...so...a few days later. It's incredible...what was it and where was it before?

    1. I'm right with you on how to fill it...
      The people that bought it said it was a stamp collecting cabinet. I hadn't seen one of that size or look before. We actually thought it was used in an store as storage.

  7. Oh, my....this would definitely be the envy of all my crafting friends! I'd get rid of all my misc cupboards and junk and use this for my scrapbooking stuff...and other crafts...what a great piece!! Love, love it!!

  8. I'm opening at new location this would be ideal as a counter

  9. What are the dimensions and how much is it?

    1. Sorry Cindy, this cabinet is sold and on its way to a collector for the holidays.

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