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Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Heather!

If you have a friend or a business --- and you're lucky enough --- you may know a person like Heather.  You know, the type of person who you can always count on, the person who is up for anything, always has a kind word or words of encouragement, and the type of person who seems to know more about your inventory than you do.

In a nutshell, that's Heather.  And it's her birthday!

In honor of Heather's birthday, I wanted to recall a few of the "little things" she does around here...

Here are a few times over the last year when we all needed a "little help" from Heather:
  • Baby bat confused and flying around The Old Lucketts Store scaring customers? ---- call Heather.  She'll calm down the customers and "rehome" the bat.
  • Need someone to organize an event with 170+ vendors a few thousand patrons? ---- call Heather.  She'll figure out how to get The Lucketts Spring Market organized, up, and running.  I'm talking signing up vendors, advertising, logistics, permits, parking, cops, parcel pickup, Market decor, crowd control, porta-a-potties, etc.
  • Left your dog in the scorching sun with your windows up in the parking lot? ---- call Heather.  She'll find that animal's owner and give 'em a major talkin' to {or break your window if the dog is about to pass out}.
  • Have a customer on the phone who saw an item sometime in the last year or two, can't remember the location where they saw it or the price, but wants to know if it's still available? ---- call Heather.  She has an uncanny ability to recall ALL Lucketts Store inventory and its price, I mean if it was in the store, anytime, ever.
  • Customer thought it might be a good idea to test out a light fixture in the same outlet as a running air conditioner? ---- call Heather.  She'll administer first aid and somehow turn the situation in to one where the person is thanking her and smiling ear to ear after she's made her purchases.
  • Need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on?  ---- call Heather.  She's there to listen and give amazing advice --- with a few wisecracks mixed in.

So from all of us, a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Heather!
We hope everyone is lucky enough to have a person like you in their lives and working for their business! {Wait, no.  Well maybe not working for them, you're kind of a competitive advantage.}

 Heather just started her Facebook page for Boots & Burlap at The Old Lucketts Store.  A great birthday gift would be if everyone could go and LIKE her new page!


  1. This is one of the most affirming pieces I've ever read! Way to acknowledge someone's contributions! Happy Birthday, Heather! And way to go on managing all of those situations with great skill!

  2. that's the nicest birthday wish! Happy Birthday Heather!

  3. boots and burlap at the old lucketts storeSunday, August 12, 2012

    Dear Old Lucketts Store,
    Where do I start...Thanks for the Wonderful write up...As you nailed it I was trying to hide..As always the shop and everyone there is always there with support in any venture we attempt,and my birthday present was great!
    Working there for so many years we together have been through marriages,divorce,new babies now grown home from college,a ton of great outtings (loved the horse back riding and the water falls)midnight decorating,we laugh so hard are ribs hurt and so many more...You all are not my friends you ARE MY FAMILY..My family that I Love..Thanks Lucketts Store for all that you do for me! And HAHAHA I forgot about the fan one! Love, Heather

  4. Big hug for Heather!


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