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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Goin' On?

I wanted to share some updates from this week.

Seems like everyone is in a million places at once and we're all working hard to get the Design House ready for the 3rd, 4th & 5th of August.

New furniture, new paint, a buying trip, giant post-its, and new online products are a few of the updates from the last two days.

Say Cheese!   Esme, Suzanne's multi-talented art student niece, is in town and she's been helping with several tasks for the online store and as we get ready for the August Design House.  Esme has been shooting pictures of the August Design House as it comes together.  She's also shooting some short videos about our Design House design process that we can't wait to show you here on the blog.

Henry painted the breakfast room gray this past weekend.  {It's now Martha Stewart's Gray Squirrel for those interested}.

The Container Arrived!  Yes, after a few weeks of waiting, the new container chock full furniture pieces arrived yesterday.  I saw great tables, cabinets, wall units, side tables, and upholstered pieces when I was there today.  Casey & the guys have been flexing their muscles unpacking and loading furniture in to The Design House {and Esme is capturing the whole thing}.

I had to show this picture.  I've never seen the Design House like this.  Amy & Suzanne are in Atlanta this week, searching for new finds.  They've left very specific instructions for what pieces are to be placed where.  These huge cheat sheets are hanging up EVERYWHERE, even from light fixtures.

Shop Lucketts Update.  We spent some time this week ironing out shipping options for our online store, Shop Lucketts.  To be completely honest, we have some great larger pieces (mirrors, clocks, artwork) in our online store that we love, but they are SO big that they were incurring major oversize package fees.  We're trying to reach a happy medium where we can offer some of these statement pieces without breaking your {or our} banks.  Amy & Suzanne have marching orders to find great smaller products this week in Atlanta and we can't wait to see what they bring back!

We just posted four new items this week in Shop Lucketts.  This beaker vase set is a statement for any season or decor.  At $29, it's a great gift idea too.  {get it here}

Our new Kensington clock is 32" x 24" and looks like a large pocket watch.  A really nice statement piece for $98 that can go anywhere.  {get it here}

This Paris metal sign was a huge hit earlier this year at The Design House.  We ordered them and waited....and waited.  Finally they're back in stock for $69.  {check it out here}

And finally a smaller, mantel clock.  We use these a lot at The Design House to accessorize our large case goods and fireplaces.  This attractive clock with a distressed finish is available now for $98.  {click here to view the clock}

I think those are the major developments over the last few days.  Can't wait to show you those Design House videos as soon as they're done.

Have a great night everyone!


  1. hey you guys need more comments with all your efforts and the love you show in what you do...I had told my boss, I so badly wanted to take their little used office and do a small idea of your design room. But they thought better for lay a way pieces...I get it we are using so much of our retail and even thought we have a 2nd floor where I am...no way to get there except up the steps lifting by hand...o my back....so nope but maybe someday they will rethink...I think way fun.....you really put the effort in to be successful congrats...

    1. Thanks for the very sweet comment Kathryn!


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