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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lobby update

Over the weekend, I shared a few pictures of Pete's new space {here}.

Marian was at Lucketts over the weekend working on her new space in the lobby.

Here are a few pictures of what she's been working on.


Marian purchased two beautiful shelving units where she is putting her bags of lavender, vintage bottles, and ironstone. 

This beautiful gold framed chalkboard is announcing Marian's new milk paint line.  Yes, the chalk drawing is all hand done.  Someone has some crazy freehand chalkboard writing skills!

This basket of distressed vintage table legs is a great way to get up close and personal with Marian's paint colors.

 A beautiful hand painted dresser for sale.  I love the detailed scroll pattern on the drawers.

Marian has her signature bundles of lavender available, and she's added huge rolls of burlap to the mix.

 Now on to Pete's new space.  Pete brought in even more antlers over the weekend and hung them from the rafters.  The colors and textures of the different speciesreally make quite a statement.

I'll keep adding pictures as these and other spaces around the shop change.  Don't forget to check out our Fresh Off the Wagon section at luckettstore.com.  We update that page weekly with a few of our brand new finds.


  1. Her space looks great and I love all of Pete's antlers.


    1. I'm so happy he brought these back. They look so great in the rafters, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by again Linda :)


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