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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where it went

Where does it end up?

We always love to hear stories about where our items end up and how they're being re-loved and re-used after they leave the shop.

Here are few recent favorite items and their new homes...

A very creative guy bought a few dozen skeleton keys.  He's putting them in a shadowbox and making a "Key to My Heart" project for his girlfriend {who was shopping with him by the way and had no idea he was planning any of this}.

A cute young couple came in and bought this industrial cart.  The cart will be used to store and display their DJ equipment in Alexandria, Virginia.

This industrial table is on its way to a lake house on Lake Anna.

Facebook friend Bethany of Powell Brower Home recently shared her blog post about an antique carved table base she bought at The Old Lucketts Store for $25 and had restored.  You won't believe the before and afters. 


 Have a great day!


  1. It is really a lot of fun seeing where the items we (booth owners) end up! Going over to check out the $25 table.


  2. Those are great finds. I love both of those tables. Megan

  3. aww thanks for sharing ladies, we certainly love visiting you guys :) can't wait for the next 'find'!


  4. How fabulous! Those are wonderful finds! Hope you have a lovely week xo Holly


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