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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunburst Mirrors

Sunburst mirrors can be dated back to France in the late 1600's.   They were widely popular in the US in the mid-20th century, and now they've become increasingly popular again over the last few years.

Who can blame anyone?  There are so many styles and sizes, not to mention the rich textures and variety of materials used to make the "rays" radiating off each mirror - there has to be a little something for everyone!


These mirrors make a beautiful statement by themselves, or can be grouped together nicely to fill up a larger space.


Now we see a lot of sunburst mirrors in our travels....just check out this grouping Lisa snapped with her phone last year on one of our buying trips.


With so many to choose from, we feel a little like Goldilocks; this one is too ornate, this one is too plain, this one is way too expensive, this one is way to heavy to hang, the color on this one doesn't go with everything...

We'll we've done the dirty work for you, and posted two new sunburst mirrors on Shop Lucketts, our online store.  They're Design House favorites, stand the test of time {and the seasons}, and as a bonus are made of eco-friendly & sustainable materials - can't get any better than that!

Here's our smaller version followed by a picture of our larger version {with the smaller ones as a size comparison in the background}.

You can find the smaller version {here} on Shop Lucketts.  And {here} is a link to our favorite larger version.

Finally, if you want some decorating inspiration, here's a link to a good post on Shelterness with lots of ideas for decorating with sunburst mirrors.

Shine on!

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