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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Think Spring!

Well spring arrived, and then it....well, left.  It's been so cold outside lately, but thankfully the shop is in full bloom.  You'll see touches of green throughout, rabbits and Easter-themed goodies, bird nests, flower accents, and boxwood topiaries.   The air is fresh, the green is out, and the shop seems altogether lighter and brighter!

I know we like to keep the Design House a suprise and wow you each month.  I heard a rumor that the words used to describe this month's Design House are:  uncomplicated, elegant, and spring.  We will try to sneak back into the Design House tomorrow and get you some pictures of all the goodies available at this month's event.  Be on the lookout for updates tomorrow on the Design House.

If you haven't been to the Design House before, you're in for a treat.  The Design House is a monthly designer showcase where an entire home is redecorated every month with current trends and fresh ideas.  All of the unique furnishings are available for purchase and you can take them with you the same day.  Photos of prior Design House events can be viewed here.  Check back for new photos posted monthly, and be sure to visit us for the April Design House, located on the same property as The Lucketts Store.  The Lucketts Store and the Design House are located at 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, VA.  We are at the only stoplight in Lucketts.  Our main building is the large green building on the corner; the Design House is at the end of the parking lot, right past the iron yard and the barn.

We look forward to seeing you, April 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, and please think SPRING!

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