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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Design House - Industrial Chic

The March Design House is just a few days away. We thought we'd give you a sneak peek and go over our interpretation of one of the hottest interior trends right now - industrial.  As you walk through the house this month, you'll see great salvaged and repurposed pieces, wood pieces in a variety of natural finishes, and heavy metal accent pieces.  The rooms are painted in gorgeous shades of grey, which reminds me of concrete - only more chic and sophisticated.  Don't fear, the ladies have paired this more masculine trend with the appropriate level of feminity.  All of the masculine energy is tempered with lighter accents and overstuffed upholstered pieces, because after all, you don't want to overdo it and look like you're living in a factory!   

Here are some pictures from the March Design House and some things to think about when trying to complete the industrial look for your home.

1.  Natural, No Fuss Wood.  Look for natural finish woods, rough-hewn woods, and furniture made from repurposed or salvaged materials.  The industrial look is not fussy, so if you already own reclaimed wood or natural wood pieces, they work well for this look too.  In the March Design House, we have a huge variety of reclaimed wood pieces, like the one in this photo.  Complete your industrial look with one of our buffets, dining tables, over sized bookcases, or side tables. 2.  Masculine and Metal.  Industrial design is also about metal.  Look for galvanized or rusted finishes, or anything with a great patina.  We just love this industrial cart.  Its dark color and sturdy appearance really anchors the corner of the room upstairs.  When experimenting with metal pieces, remember that just because something is metal and masculine does not mean it can't also be feminine.  Notice how we've paired this metal cart with a sweet bird canvas and wiry metal accents.  By using color and lighter textures, we've kept a nice balance with the substantial metal piece.

3.  Rethink.  Repurpose.  Industrial is about repurposing the unassuming into something unique.  Take a utilitarian object that served another purpose at one time and rethink how to use it.  You'll notice here how we've turned these old beakers into unique vases.  We are also repurposing this metal parts cabinet, which can easily add tons of storage to any room.  We're also using oversized metal baskets upstairs to store extra pillows and textiles.4.  Salvage and Recycle.  Industrial design is all about recycling and reusing what is available.   Aside from all of the salvaged wood furniture, we offer other salvaged pieces.   Mirrors are big in the March Design House - literally.  The girls have brought us a great variety of over sized wood mirrors which appear to be from salvaged architectural pieces, like the one in this picture.  You'll also find great mirrors remade from tin remnants throughout the house.

I know I've focused on the heavier side of the Design House in this post, but we haven't forgotten that spring is here.  There are plenty of spring touches throughout the house, including botanical prints, butterflies and bugs, and garden accents.  Venture upstairs and see how the rabbits have multiplied!

Industrial pieces are hot right now, and we have them in spades in the March Design House.  Please stop by the Design House March 4, 5, & 6 and let us help you find the perfect piece for your home.

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