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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Setting the stage - painting, furniture, alpacas & donuts?

Here's my third post in a series featuring how we're getting our Design House all ready for the Holiday Open House on November 2, 3 & 4.
So I left off my last post talking about pricing owls, angels, and more owls.  Now the October Design House is over and we can actually move the plans from Amy's head to actual paint on the walls and furniture in the rooms.... 

Alright it is now Monday morning, October Design house is now behind us… it's time..
Guess how many coats of paint this door has had on it?
Amy hits Home Depot hard, gathers all the paint that will fit in her truck.  She has a room paint color pow-wow with Henry (also referred to as the greatest man on earth).  Amy and Henry combined, when they have their game faces on, a serious deadline, all of their supplies, and perhaps a few helping hands…Jake and Dillon…there is no stopping them, they are literally the dream team of all time. As long as no unforeseen, sick child, or broken water pipe scenario happens, nothing can stop these two.

Amy has now been working through the house in her head for quite a while now… What furniture do we have?  What do we still need?  What colors are going where?  Henry, paint brush in hand has now been painting this house every day and every night since the Design House closed October 8th.  Amy becomes obsessed with gathering the necessary accessories that will a.) hold a lot of extra ornaments and b.) bring the tooth and texture to the rooms so they will truly be special.

Casey has been finding us interesting new added features, like wineries, a cheese specialist, an alpaca farmer, bringing yes you guessed it alpacas, plus their beautiful woven products from the wool…the killer organic homemade doughnut guy, a local soap artisan…. and of course organizing Miss Mustard Seed's book signing…which will be happening in the barn during the November Design House.  Diana, Tori & Kim are knee deep in the barns trying to put a dent in all of the rest of the boxes that have yet to be opened.

So we are now well on our way to a stunning garden room, a whimsical red and white room, a Ralph Lauren room, a traditional holiday room, a farmhouse holiday, an elegant gold and white room, a vintage Christmas room…and whatever else may accidentally happen between now and November 2nd.
Here's my first sneak peek:

Getting a little closer...still a long way to go

 I will be giving you more sneak peeks as things unravel.

You can read the first post in this series about our 2012 Holiday Open House here.
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  1. Sounds like the open house is going to be a goodie.


  2. Wish I could get there for the Open House! Looks like it will be amazing! xo

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