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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Market 2012, the inside scoop

It's my favorite time of year!

The Lucketts Store's Spring Market is almost upon us.  Just wanted to share some insider tips and tricks that will help make your shopping experience wonderful and memorable.

The Spring Market is May 19th & 20th {Saturday & Sunday} from 10am to 5pm.

Here are five tips we've found really helpful to make the most out of our Spring Market.

TIP #1:  Hit the ATM before you leave home & bring cash.
At outdoor markets, cash is king.  Many vendors are small businesses and only accept cash.  There is an ATM at the gas station across the street, but it regularly is out of cash, especially during a busy event like the Lucketts Spring Market.  The next closest ATMs are about a 15 minute drive away.  It's also easier to bargain with vendors if you can pay with cash.

TIP #2:  Pick your car wisely for two reasons.
{1} The bigger the car, the more goodies you can buy and take home!  Items purchased at the Lucketts Spring Market must be picked up by Sunday, May 20th at 5pm.  Items sold by fair vendors can't be left at the Lucketts Store past Sunday - we just don't have the capacity to store 170 vendors-worth of purchases.  So please be sure your vehicle is big enough to transport your purchases.  {2} If you or a friend has a 4-wheel drive, that's always helpful.  Some of the fair parking is in fields. We prep the fields as much as we can {letting the fields dry out if it's rained, strategically mowing, buying truckloads of gravel to put down in heavy traffic areas}.  But, we can't guarantee the weather, and a four wheel is much better in wet fields than a Smart Car...I'm just sayin'.

TIP #3:  Have your cash out at ready at the entrance gate.
We do our best to have multiple people taking money and it works really well when fairgoers have their money out and ready.  The fair is $7 per person per day {children under 12 are free}. This helps us cover the tens of thousands of dollars in expenses it takes to put on the event {e.g., police overtime, permits, parking attendants, furniture loaders, fair staff, advertising, fair & vendor organization, tents, outdoor restroom rentals, required signage, music, field & location prep, etc.}. {I'll try to post an insider look on the finances of a market like this over the next few weeks.  It's quite the eye opener!}

TIP #4:  Obey all signs and police / Market staff direction.
We have some changes to parking and pickups this year that are being required by the local Sheriff's office.  We will cover those processes in another post {yes, booooring, but very necessary}.  So, in short, in order to make parking and furniture pickups go smoothly, please follow the instructions on our signs and given to you by the police and Market staff.

TIP #5:  Enjoy yourself and smile.
This event takes a full year to plan.  Our Market organizer and her team work tirelessly all year to sort through all the complicated logistics to bring you the best vendors we can find with great merchandise and prices.  Soak up the atmosphere.  Get a nice cold glass of lemonade.  Browse the treasures.  Get some great ideas for your home.  Enjoy the day with family and friends.  We are excited that you're coming!

Not sure where to stay?  Check out this post from last year with suggestions for hotels & other events in the area.

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  1. Hello,

    Are small dogs allowed at this event? I would love to attend, but will have two small dogs with me.


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