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Friday, February 11, 2011

These Dudes Deliver

The Old Lucketts Store would like to thank the Mover Dudes for all of their help last weekend at our 16th Annual Groundhog Sale!  The guys were on hand all weekend, rain or shine, to help us direct traffic and load furniture for our customers.
Customers often ask if we can ship furniture or if the store delivers in Northern Virginia.  While The Old Lucketts Store doesn’t deliver at this time, we are affiliated with a local business that can help, the Mover Dudes.  The Mover Dudes are a great group of local guys who are punctual, professional, and extremely helpful.  Our customers have been very pleased with their service and prices.  The Old Lucketts Store is happy to recommend Mover Dudes to any of our customers who need a hand moving.

 We’re often asked how much it costs to deliver a piece of furniture.  Though that seems like simple question, there are several variables that go in to moving a piece.  For example, you need to take into account the size of the piece, where it is located in our store, the distance to the delivery location, and how many flights up the piece needs to be delivered.  If you need delivery services, we always recommend that you call Mover Dudes directly at 540-450-0770 for a free estimate.

Thank you Mover Dudes for your great customer service and support last weekend!  And yes, we have thrown around the idea of sponsoring a Mover Dudes calendar at the shop.  We’ll keep you posted…

 * Please note that if you purchase an item at the store and have a large vehicle with you, we can help you load up your purchase Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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