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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble!


Halloween!  We love Halloween!  No other holiday blends as seemlessly with our antiques. Jennifer, one of our very talented dealers, makes magic at Halloween. A tongue-in-cheek amputated mannequin foot, fitted with a vintage shoe, is displayed with vintage bottles.   

Glittery skulls propped on candlesticks...

Crows with hats!

Crows with black and white plates and numbered bottles.


The Berry Scary Martini recipe is from Martha Stewart.

One of my favorite things to do for Halloween decorating is to pull out my antiques and use them!  Antiques give your decorations a more believable spookiness - much spookier I think than store bought party store decorations.  I usually grab an old table from the basement (I have tons of projects down there!) - I get silver candleabra and light the candles (make sure you don't leave those unattended!), prop up some old photographs of my ancestors, a skull, some old books and put just a touch of artificial spider webbing over the whole scene.  The secret to that stuff is to pull, pull, pull it, until it's very thin and well...spider webby.  I also started collecting old science lab stuff - beakers, test tubes, etc.  I like the "mad scientist" theme.  A spooky CD and a fog machine....and you have the scariest house on the block!

Wishing you a very scary Halloween! - Lisa

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