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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Change is good...


We had a meeting this morning to discuss our plans for the Lucketts Spring Antique Market ,which most of you know is held every year in May.  This year, we're making some big changes!  The whole event will be held on our property - not the Community Center grounds as in previous years.  We had to make this change because the Community Center is closing for renovations and would not be available. Also, Suzanne asked me to take over the planning of the Fair (her Baby)! Wow!  What an honor - do I feel pressure, Nope!  Cool as a cucumber - okay, well I just hope I can live up to the job she has done. So what's involved here?....we need to put up fences, (somewhere?!), map out the area, get tents, temporary electric (what?!), t-shirts, staff of 22 people (we have 8!!), permits, writing new contracts, newspapers (I want 4,5,7,9 news crews!), figure out parking, wristbands, 2 entrances... and move the iron field.  My personal goal is to get 30 more new vendors - so beat feat the streets looking for them, send out press packets, flowers, make signs, porta pottys (lots), furniture loading location, look for some new food vendors (Karen wants sweet potato fries!- What is she talking about?)  Okay now after writing it all down - hummmmm?

I decided to start with the food vendors, and here's what I found after 3 1/2 hours:  I googled food trucks, food carts, concession carts, concessionaires, mobile food, roach coach, and after all that I learned...I can buy a concession truck for around $6,000 and have it brought to me by Friday!

Other than that, I leave you with a question...how many Hot Dog vendors can Virginia have??? Seriously! I'm never eating another one.

Thank God the Fair's in May!

<3  Heather

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