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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fox 5 at Lucketts


Wow! What a morning!There's always something going on at Lucketts...but this morning took that to a whole new level!  I got to the shop early to work on my "space", and a truck driver with a trailer arrived.  He was delivering a load that Suzanne bought at auction and he said he was told to be here by 9:15 for the tv shoot.  "What tv shoot?!!" It was 8:45 and no one was around but me!  Fox 5 was coming to Lucketts to film a live spot on the Lucketts Fair, and they were going to interview Suzanne about antiques.  I started to panic because I had just thrown my hair into a ponytail, no makeup - and if Sooz didn't show I did NOT want to do this interview!!  Luckily, she arrived shortly after, and Henry and the guys started unloading the trailer.  Anne, one of our awesome worker girls started artfully arranging the furniture to look "un-arranged".

Now for most,  that would be enough chaos for one morning but in addition to that we had the firemen collecting for muscular dystrophy, a road crew trimming trees and chipping them, police and community center board members.  We had to ask the road crew to stop work for the broadcast because the noise was unbearable!  In true Lucketts style, the whole staff pitched in and got the job done.  Suzanne is sponsoring an exchange student, Kabir, from India and he pitched in, too.  Welcome to our crazy corner of the world, Kabir!


Suzanne did a fantastic job in the interview...cool as a cucumber!  My favorite moment was when Holly Morris, the Fox 5 reporter asked Sooz where she buys her antiques, and Suzanne replied, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you".  Hilarious! Five minutes after the piece aired, the pink chairs sold by phone to someone who had seen the report.  Just another day at Lucketts....

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