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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Past Holiday Open Houses

As we were looking working on the ads for this year's Lucketts Holiday Open House, we were going through TONS of old photos of the house and shop.

We wanted to share with you some old photos 1) so you know what to expect during our open house on Nov. 8-9-10, and 2) so we can recycle these images that were long buried.

This year, we are having an outdoor winter market with 60 additional vendors outside so the 14 acres surrounding the shop will have additional tents with holiday and winter-themed merchandise outside.

Here are some pics from past years, enjoy!

We love owls --- made out of anything - feathers, plush, bark, glass - whatever we can find!

The Design House has 12 fully decorated rooms where all decorations, art, and furniture is for sale.

We always have great gift ideas and gifts for yourself!

All different themes and decor styles.  We paired typography pillows with a hand made sheet music wreath one year.

Here is one of our bedrooms upstairs in the Design House a few years ago.

We always bring out our holiday themed merchandise in November - like this great garden angel we had a few years ago, for example.

You never know what you're going to find.  This porch was total glam last year.

Adorable accents.  We had life size elves stringing lights in our dining room last year.

The pavilions are packed too with  tons of fun things.

Can't resist a bird with a winter hat on!

Yup, we have the glass ornaments category covered!

We have many trees all fully decorated with different themes.  This room was red & white one year.

Here was a tree in our gold and white room last year.

Wreaths, baskets, and plush for the holidays.

Love these deer and the white accents in this room.

Our favorite dress form models a cute garland.


  1. I can't wait!! Lucketts is always the start of my holiday season! Hugs, Leena

  2. Visiting an open house is a great chance to check out different interior designs, buy unique home decors, and think about getting a new house. I wonder if there were open houses for the start of 2014. Hehe! Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I'm sure your next open house will be visited by lots of your friends and readers. You better prepare for your next event. :)

    Calvin Mordarski @ CityBlockTeam.com


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