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Monday, October 21, 2013

Holiday Open House Sneak Peek

Here are a few shots from around the Design House over the last few days. 

We're busy prepping for the Nov. 8, 9, & 10 Holiday Open House.

Still lots to unpack and Suzanne just went to auction Sunday and scored another trailer load full of fun!

We got a delivery of doors, shutters and windows on Friday.  The boys were stacking them against the barns so Amy can take a look and see which ones are going where in The Design House.  We moved some over to the shop's porch too.

Our themes this year are developing.  So far, our rooms have naturally morphed in to some great themes...
...an elegant room with just antique silver tones; a Dear Santa room where we'll have the scene set up to look like a real Santa is reading and responding to letters; a Ralph Lauren style holiday - elegant and refined all the way; a beat poet's Christmas - the star of that room is a green velvet mod-style couch; and the sun room seems to be showcasing our bright reds, greens and white decor. 

So much more to do and unpack and price!

Really adorable vintage style bears came in.  I love the mini plaid boot ornaments too.  We were smart and picked up sleds throughout the year and have a nice pile ready to stage.  The killer doors and shutter shipment from overseas has been making us all ooh and ahh.

We're going to be putting a few holiday favorites online this year again.  We just love the look of this garland.  We were shooting this picture a few days ago and they should be available online by the holiday open house in early November.

 We are so grateful that Diana had all that patience to tag all of these Christmas balls.

One of our barns is a nice staging area to price and keep things out of the elements.

Suzanne working on some product shots for the online store.

Super cute burlap deer.

Lovin' these reindeer feed pillows.

We tend to have groupings of things around the shop.  Here is our army of Santas in the sun room.

These snowmen ornaments were too cute for words.

A favorite shot of our knit wreath on some of our antique doors.

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas Open House. Love the ornament garland and those cute snowmen ornaments. If I only lived closer to y'all.



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